AB Test Material: The effect of different call to action buttons and how can it affect the bottom line

We recently contacted eBay to find out what their main challenges are when it comes to UX and usability. Liesbeth from eBay stated that one of the most frequent questions that pop up on their team is the effect of different call to actions and CTR, their relation between pictures and readability and not to mention the balance between space and scrolling experience (and the effect on read time).

Decent challenge we’d say and after having digested Crazy Egg’s blog post on “Call-to-Action Button: How To Create High-Converting CTAs in 15 Steps” we thought, let’s give it a go!

So, here’s an AB test idea for eBay. The current app version on the left and a few tweaks on the right. 

  • We optimised it for taps, so instead of dropdown the user has to tap once
  • The main call to action is always visible and prominent
  • Size and quantity selections are just a tap away 

Of course, this approach might not apply to all product types, but just something to consider 😉 

Let us know of your thoughts! 


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