Amazing News: UXD will soon be Helumium and rebrand 🚀 Read why

Some time ago we announced that we are making the world’s first open source ecommerce conversion KIT. Well, we are still doing that and at even higher pace than we imagined.

While we at UXD & Bit Finer are all working on this amazing KIT we came to a conclusion to make a dedicated brand for the KIT. Mostly because the idea evolved a lot and we could see the future more clearly – it is not just a KIT, it will be a lot more. It will be a groundbreaking SaaS service for many ecommerce businesses and it is a damn good product. With an incredible roadmap and team.

Long story short

The core idea of the KIT was and is to uplift the revenues and profits of many ecommerce businesses – mostly for free 💸. And the more we thought about the uplifting effect the more it became clear that it is just like helium 🎈.

  • Helium is super light
  • It is the second most common element in the universe (just like Helumium will be)
  • It is a colorless, odorless, tasteless, non-toxic, inert, monatomic gas
  • It is used for growing crystals 😉
  • It can lift a balloon as well as a airship 
  • It is the second simplest atom to model
  • Helium is rare on Earth

Another aspect is luminance which can be associated with light, lightning and brightness. Clarity! Amazing right! Why not put the two together 💡💡💡💡?

Helumium was born

Of course the story is a bit longer, but as you know UXD is about helping Ecom and SaaS professionals to save tons of time and increase the ux-bottom-line. That’s our dream. And as we are creating the KIT and a new SaaS service – and the goal is pretty much the same – we feel that it is not so much about desserts anymore. It is about a lot more.

Therefor we have invented a new substance similar to helium, it is called helumium and we want to give it to you. We want it to uplift your ecommerce business and we are planning to do something similar to SaaS businesses too.

We all hope you share our enthusiasm 🙃 and will join us on the journey with Helumium. It is going to be a fantastic, that is for sure.

What next

First of all – why don’t you check out what Helumium’s first venture is about. You can do it from here 🙂. We will share more light on the that soon as well.

In the next few days

  • We will rebrand from UXD to Helumium
  • We will move all the amazing content from to (don’t worry, you can still access and you will be automatically redirected)
  • We will rebrand all our social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
  • We will continue to produce more educational content that will help you to grow your business
  • We are starting some new campaigns to introduce Helumium to a wider audience
  • We will share more light on the products we have on mind, soon

Stay tuned, we at UXD all sincerely thank you for staying with us and if you have any questions. Just get in touch.

Cheers and yours truly,

  • Paul
  • Gauthier
  • Kersti
  • Franz
  • Rob
  • Serg
  • Arthur
  • Lauri

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