Behind the scenes: a new eCommerce audit tool that unlocks growth

As summer and vacation time, we have used that time to think about how we can help more eCommerce businesses grow – and based on our recent releases and market fit tests. We see a pattern. And decided to take further action.

We have insights that three main things are blocking the growth in eCommerce (kind of no-brainers):

  1. Realization – that there’s something to improve in the first place, and most importantly, what precisely and is it worth the time and money.  
  2. Prioritization – once the growth blockers have been identified, there are the questions of what to do and in which order, and how
  3. Action – the most brutal aspect of them all, seeing a long list of things will suffocate the motivation in many cases, and people won’t take any action.  

We want to remove the blockers so you can easily take action and grow. Fast and efficient. 

Meet the new audit and growth tool that makes you the eCommerce expert in seconds, not years

And on many professions: user experience, usability, design, psychology, conversion rate optimization, maybe even copywriting and a bit on the tech side. Sounds good? 

Our goal is to help you see where the growth blockers are and what to do in which order. And we won’t stop there, as we plan to give you a cure for every pain point and blocker. You must take action; otherwise, the knowledge is worthless. And you can also hire someone to take action. It will be up to you.

We’re releasing a beta soon, so stay tuned because the list of benefits is tightly-packed. Here’s a little teaser. 

  • You can audit your eCom site yourself against battle-tested growth tactics or hire a pro using the new tool. 
  • The value you get from the tool is brutal and in the right way.
  • You will get a prioritized action list based on ROI and a list of how to remove the growth blockers.
  • The list is personalized because it reflects your present situation and needs, it will be based on the audit you or a pro makes
  • It is going to cost a tiny little fraction from the cost of an Enterprise Audit. Seriously you can for sure afford it. The tool will lower the price of a typical eCom around ten times.
  • Most importantly, you will know precisely what is blocking your eCom site from growing and know precisely what to do and in which particular order to make the most out of it. And if you want someone to help, someone who can walk the talk can do it. 

So this is what we are currently working on and expect an update soon. There is something to wait for 😉 


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