Dropdowns are double-edged swords – how to make a mega dropdown super easy (Episode 1)?

Imagine there’s a dropdown field with 195 countries and you need to scroll like a lunatic. Think we’ve all been there at some point. It’s a pain. In an ideal it could be solved with geo targeting combined with cookies or account history.

If that’s not possible a good way to make something really complicated to something really easy with the solution shown below. If we talk about the country dropdown, which is really common, then a good recipe is the following:

  • Add a bit of country flag icons and spice it up with country name
  • Upon tap or on-click present most commonly selected countries on the top
  • Add a touch of list search and enable users to quickly find their country 
  • Let it cook for 1 second and you’re done 🙂 

Expect more dropdown madness soon! 

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