Entice more thumbs with your Mobile CTA (episode 1)

On mobile devices the thumb is king 👍👑

We are huge fans of Conversions Sciences blog and we were recently reading their article on the best practices for mobile call-to-action buttons. They have some awesome tips on different applications for mobile CTA’s & tricks to increase your ecommerce conversion rate.

“According to research done by Stephen Hoober 75% of users touch their screen only with their thumb, even though less than 50% hold the phone with one hand.”

So imagine for a second that you have two identical websites, except on one you have to scroll to find the information and options you need, and on the other everything you need is within thumbs reach. Which one would you rather use? We know which one we’d pick ✌️

The other key advantage to having your CTA visible and easy to click is your users will be much more likely to complete a purchase, even those who would usually not purchase on mobile.

There is plenty more really interesting and helpful information on Conversions Sciences blog, we suggest you check it out 🙂 

Read their full article here.

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