Ever heard of the value proposition gate for SaaS businesses?

As one of our favourite conversion rate optimisation blogs CXL suggests – humans are value-rating machines. True story! Value proposition is like air, a true SaaS business cannot thrive without it. We are sure you know a lot about the value proposition and its different stages and variations. Evernote does a hell of a good job on this. 

So that said, feel free to jump into CXL’s blog post and learn more about the value proposition and keep adoring Evernote. Ok, now let’s dive into the deep blue. 

What if there was a gate that ensures people get your value proposition before they do anything else on your site? Understanding the core value is crucial and helps to understand the pricing too. It kind of makes sense. Typically, it is presented above the fold, but can it be done even better?

What if your SaaS product’s value proposition is combined with GDPR and you can take two wins at once. Cater the value and get consent! Not bad, huh? We suggest activating some more brain cells and think about it as it could be a nice touch for new visitors combined with some segmentation and targeting magic 😉

Dare to AB test it?

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