Exclusive interview with KLICK: the largest digital retail chain in the Estonian market

As you know by now the team at Helumium is curious by nature and therefore we contacted several brands that have a decent presence in the e-commerce industry. Why? As we are creating the world’s first and free e-commerce conversion kit – it is our desire to know what challenges real e-commerce brands face these days, especially now in the middle of the crisis. The knowledge and extra pair of eyes help us to make better decisions and we hope it will share some light on your thoughts as well. 

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Meet our interviewee Andres Ello from KLICK

Andres is the IT Manager of KLICK and has enjoyed the challenges for over 10 years by now. 

KLICK is a digital store and also the largest digital retail chain in the Estonian market that has been operating since 1996. Today they have around 20 stores represented in the best shopping centers all over Estonia and annual revenue of around 25 million euros. KLICK sells only the best brands of digital products because the quality and customer happiness are the main drivers. 

KLICK is the market leader in Estonia in the sale of laptops and one of the largest in the retail trade of digital goods. Their products range from smartphones to toys, and in addition to retail stores, they also offer the opportunity to shop in the increasingly popular e-shop.

Buckle up and let’s go! 

Interviewers: Paul and Lauri from Helumium. 

Questions and answers

1) Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and the business?

As you know I take care of all the IT challenges in the company and have been doing so for over 10 years. Every day offers new challenges and I just love it. 

Working with around 120 talented people is amazing and rewarding. I’m growing personally and so is the business. Everybody wins and that’s how it’s supposed to be.

KLICK is the goto place for many tech enthusiasts and I think every adult person in Estonia knows who and what KLICK is. We have a strong presence and a solid product portfolio. 

2) What are your main struggles now and do they differ from the times before COVID?

Logistics, logistics, and logistics. The COVID really turned everything upside down. Challenges in order handling and how the goods move in and out from our partners. The system is overloaded and so are all the couriers we have. Our online store is making record sales which are good, but as we have 20 physical stores we have room to improve. 

Also what I have noticed is that people are a bit impatient. It would be good if people could be told dynamically that transportation takes some additional time during the lockdown. Some get it and some not. 

What I really like is that all the teamwork goes super smoothly, we even improved our automation and optimized backend systems. Thanks to the crisis, it happened quickly.

3) How are you currently handling the e-store UX/CRO growth optimization process?

At the moment it is modest I must say. 

4) How are you measuring the success of your e-store improvements?

Analytics, Hotjar, etc. As we are an omnichannel business, the sales are difficult to measure because you know the tricky part of offline vs. online. It all boils down to the numbers.

5) How many designs or improvements have you made in the last years?

We did some bigger improvements a few years ago and really focused on just growing it. We have new plans and you will probably see something new soon as well 🙂 We are taking all our learning from the previous years and think it will turn out great. 

6) Can you tell us a little bit about your biggest wins and failures?

That is a good question, I guess all the learnings we have had have taught us many valuable lessons. Which is a win by itself. Can not recall any big fails because one must fail in order to improve and that is a win 🙂 

7) What’s your process of working with designers and developers?

I’d say it works like ping pong, we try to think about our exact needs inside the team and then discuss with external partners. We like to do our own homework and describe our vision very clearly. 

8) What do you think about the importance of good user experience and a solid value proposition?

Obviously it is very important. A decent user experience broadly affects whether the customer comes back or not. In some stores it is impossible to find something or even worse to order – and that makes you look elsewhere.

I think online stores should be like offline stores. You can walk in and have a super first impression, see a logical system, and find your goods, put them in the cart and pay at the checkout.

Unfortunately there are still online stores that seem like a small hut in a dark alley. Imagine if you have a choice to buy a new laptop. Store A has a nice location, the store itself looks nice and not to mention the stylish interior and all the nice people inside. Version B is located under a bridge and has a dirty and dark interior and only accepts cash. Which one would you prefer if they both have the same products at the same price? 

9) What keeps you going and inspires you the most?

Growth and personal development. I like to have a clear vision and see where we are headed. I’m lucky to have it and so is everybody in KLICK. 

10) What does Helumium mean for you, how do you understand it?

Helumium seemed like a set of informational materials that help e-commerce businesses to grow, I did not understand how detailed the designs are but they were eye-catching. It seems the Kit helps to spend less time on guesswork and custom UX work which means that we can speed up the growth. I also enjoyed the fact that the product is based on research and experience. That’s a good combination.


Another insightful interview – check. We really enjoyed the call and insights from Andres and hope you gained some valuable insights too. There’s more to come 😉 

Thank you for your time and don’t forget to breathe some helumium and reach new heights

We are sincerely grateful for your time and energy Andres! We wish you and KLICK all the best and glad we can keep in touch. Looking forward to seeing how Helumium helps to grow even further.

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