Exclusive interview with Prike: the leading sales and marketing company of premium beverages in the Baltics.

The team at Helumium is curious by nature and therefore we contacted several brands that have a decent presence in the e-commerce industry. Why? As we are creating the world’s first and free e-commerce conversion kit – we desire to know what challenges real e-commerce brands face these days, especially now in the middle of the crisis. The knowledge and extra pair of eyes help us to make better decisions and we hope it will share some light on your thoughts as well. 

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Meet our interviewee Kelly Kuur from Prike

Kelly has worked on Prike for over 20 years and is in charge of the HR Department and also is very active on the Ecommerce side of the business. It seems we all wear many hats, no matter the size of the company.

Prike is an ambitious company with extensive traditions and has been actively operating in Estonia since 1992, expanding to the Baltics in 2003 and 2005. The statement is backed with 105+ million euros of annual revenue that offer plenty of opportunities to grow further.

With more than 100 outstanding premium Brands and 1000 high-quality products, Prike is one of the biggest players on the premium drinks and beverages market.

Years of work has brought together over 130 talented people and thousands of happy customers.

Buckle up and let’s go! 

Interviewers: Paul and Lauri from Helumium.

Questions and answers 

1) Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and the business?

Absolutely, in addition to the intro I’d love to highlight the fact that my role in Prike offers so many variations and I never get bored. As the head of HR I love to work with people and make their lives easier and better. The opportunity to work on e-commerce projects is also a nice challenge. 

As far as I know Prike is out on a mission to push all the amazing people inside towards even greater excellence, no corners cut. Our goal is simple, webshop should support our ambitions which is to provide a luxurious customer experience – online and offline.

I know that in terms of luxurious UX we have a long way to go but as we have many many happy customers we must have done something right too 🙂

2) What are your main struggles now and do they differ from the times before COVID?

At this point mobile usability is the biggest issue, we see that mobile is now overtaking desktop by far. We are losing a lot of money probably. I guess it is good to acknowledge that and even better is that we are working on improvements. 

Another aspect is the courier system which was working nicely, but not exactly a success story. This has been our new priority and we are glad to announce that we just launched our courier system in Tallinn. What can be better than team Prike delivering the luxurious goods themselves? We offer same-day delivery and our customers love it.

The technical capabilities and the marketing side of the website could also be better, as we are running an e-store built several years ago, we feel the need for improvements. 

Analytics could also be better and more detailed, so we could make better decisions.

3) How are you currently handling the e-store UX/CRO growth optimization process?

We have done smaller improvements on the site based on customer feedback and some insights from various industry experts. Also we check the numbers weekly and try to adapt our offerings. 

4) How are you measuring the success of your e-store improvements?

We keep it simple, the main metric is gross-profit. 

5) How many designs or improvements have you made in the last years?

We have kept it modest and worked more on the backend systems. The front-end has received modest updates and now we are also looking in that direction. Otherwise, we just miss the bus. 

6) Can you tell us a little bit about your biggest wins and failures?

Wins: I guess the business strategy is working well, it kind of grows itself which is all that a business could want. The VIP shop and all the related activities work well. Even with our slightly outdated website. 

Fails: I think we are missing out on personalization and marketing automation. We have a VIP store and you must treat VIP people accordingly, that said, I think a lot of sales opportunities are missed. 

7) What’s your process of working with designers and developers?

Over the years I have learned that accurate briefing is the most important aspect. Expectations in a clear and written format that everyone can understand. 

Work has to based on the brief and all parties need to understand the roadmap before starting any tasks. Also we always include various people in the meetings – from marketing, logistics, management, design, development, etc. because this gives a better outcome. We can see from various angles and can be more accurate in our decision making. 

From there we plan the work, have weekly meetings, task reviews, and testing sessions. Saying that I remember we need more automation on testing. 

8) What do you think about the importance of good user experience and a solid value proposition?

It’s very very important. There is no business if it is not well built, value and experience are critical sides of the business – especially the strategy. You need to connect people with the brand. 

9) What keeps you going and inspires you the most?

Building a community 🙂 As simple as that, this is my north-star.

10) What does Helumium mean for you, how do you understand it?

It seems to be a tool that would provide our business with new ways to grow our business and we can save a lot of time and funds. The teaser landing page gave me a rough understanding and here I am, but to be honest I did not understand exactly what are all the benefits and how can I use it personally. I guess you will update that side when you launch the product 🙂

I wish you guys all the best and you can count on us on taking Helumium for a spin as soon as it rolls out. 


Wow, we hope you enjoyed the insights as much as we did. Having the opportunity to see inside a “big machine” is always exciting and so motivational. If you are running an e-commerce business or not, don’t hesitate to reach out and have a chat with us. 

Thank you for your time and don’t forget to breathe some helumium and reach new heights

We are sincerely grateful for your time and energy Kelly! We wish you and Prike all the best and glad we can keep in touch. Looking forward to seeing how Helumium helps to grow even further. 

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