Exclusive interview with Zarely: Fashion Infused Dance and Activewear company

The team at Helumium is curious by nature and therefore we contacted several brands that have a decent presence in the e-commerce industry. Why? As we are creating the world’s first and free e-commerce conversion kit – it is our desire to know what challenges real e-commerce brands face these days, especially now in the middle of the crisis. The knowledge and extra pair of eyes help us to make better decisions and we hope it will share some light on your thoughts as well. 

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Meet Anton from Zarely

Founded by a former ballet dancer and enthusiastic athlete, Zarely consists of a passionate team of designers, engineers, visual artists, physiotherapists, biologists, dancers, and athletes in search of perfection, selling high-fashion activewear and professional ballet tights. We interviewed Zarely’s website and marketing manager.

Buckle up and let’s go! 

Questions and answers 

1) Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and the business?

I am responsible for Zarely eCommerce sales and marketing with more than rout years of experience in online marketing. Mostly using the Shopify platform. 

2) What are your main struggles now and do they differ from the times before COVID?

We encounter some delivery problems because the warehouses in the USA are closed. To adapt to the COVID situation we have redirected our activities mostly to online broadcasting of dance lessons and masterclasses in our daily home workouts and The Worldwide Ballet Class live streams. We also do star interviews with star coaches and professional dancers from top companies all around the world.

3) How are you currently handling the e-store UX/CRO growth optimization process?

We are currently handling the e-store UX/CRO growth optimization process in-house. There are new people in the team, including a designer, so now we are optimizing pop-ups, more effort on branding. We plan to completely update the product page and change the colors of the site to make it more understandable to the ballet audience. We have interviewed ballerinas with the processes of adding products to the shopping cart, asked about the daily routine, Internet connection, and so on.

4) How are you measuring the success of your e-store improvements?

Increasing the audience in the number of subscribers to the newsletter, measuring the interaction with the ballet-classes, live streams on the website. Advertising campaigns – post comments, post likes, show product page views, tracking checkout activities, and the number of purchases, measuring ROAS.

5) How many designs or improvements have you made in the last years?

Just over 15-20 bigger design improvements. Also some smaller changes for popups and site pages reaching hundreds of tweaks.

6) Can you tell us a little bit about your biggest wins and failures?

Since the quarantine began, we have managed to increase our subscriber base by 20%, while the usual monthly increase is 4-6%.

7) What’s your process of working with designers and developers?

We work with designers and developers directly, for example with the front-end developer (Shopify + WordPress on other projects) and designer (we are using Figma).

8) What do you think about the importance of good user experience and a solid value proposition?

This is extremely important in our case, as the online store is the only sales channel for our company. By increasing the conversion by even by 0.2% we already get more from it, so it is very important.

9) What keeps you going and inspires you the most?

Beautiful and good quality content, increasing in the user base, increase in advertising indicators, and commentary/shares/webs on social networks on our content.

10) What does Helumium mean for you, how do you understand it?

Something like a big database of information that gathered all the possible UX research in eCommerce. Once having access I have the opportunity to see the practices, learn the ideas of A/B tests, and so on.


As you can see we live in interesting times and we all face challenges. This was the first interview and we can give a hint that there will be more and soon 🙂 

We hope you enjoyed the interview and look forward to your feedback. If you are running an e-commerce business or not, don’t hesitate to reach out and have a chat with us. 

Thank you for your time and don’t forget to breathe some Helumium and reach new heights

And thank you Anton for all the time and insights, pure pleasure! 

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