How to increase checkout usability – ever heard of the barrel roll date picker?

Checkout is a pain for most ecommerce merchants, old news. Optimising the checkout flow is something that should keep you awake day and night because this is where you can recover a lot of lost sales. 

We really love CXL’s blog post “How to Design an Ecommerce Checkout Flow that Converts” and Baymard Institute’s “Why Your Checkout Process Should Be Completely Linear”. Spot on and suggest to read for sure! 

As they cover a lot of aspects it is pretty clear that people expect free shipping and expect it to happen fast. Therefore it might be worthwhile just enabling people to choose the delivery time instead of asking them a bunch of silly questions. Why not keep it linear!?

The formula could be simple as this: what, who, when. Meaning who gets what products and when they want it. Payment is just a confirmation of that wish. If you enable people to choose the time, they feel they have control and have a greater sense of ownership.

Which by the way opens new doors to upselling and cross-selling 😉

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