Is there a magic formula for SaaS pricing pages? Episode 1

The web is full of research, case studies and endless examples about SaaS pricing pages. It’s old news that in SaaS you have to worry about: generating new leads, making sure the leads are up for your offer, making sure the offer is properly communicated, and maybe targeted to different audiences. You have to measure and optimise in-product activity and reduce the churn rate. Create promoters and referrals and so on. It is a world of its own.

The pricing page is just a small piece of the puzzle, but an important one. Presenting packages is one of the key steps in the sales funnel. But how many packages to include, what information to show, and in what order? 

Some say the magic package quantity is 3.5 and 81% of SaaS companies orders their pricing from low to high. And surprisingly only 63% offer a free trial. Why are the numbers like that?

We suggest to dive into those 2 articles and stay tuned 😉

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