It finally happened: Helumium Free Conversion Kit is now in the hands of early birds from over 40 countries 🚀

We are pleased to announce that we launched the Helumium Free Ecommerce Conversion Kit for all the early birds yesterday on the 27th of May. It was a special email indeed as is flew to over 40 countries. Wow, right?

We are thankful for all the birdies who showed interest and signed up as an early bird. Thank you, because the past month(s) has been dense as we have been wrapping up all the content. You and all the birdies from 40+ countries motivated us to give more than we planned. You should feel special.

So here we are. This is the day when it is possible to dig in and explore the kit – and start reaching new heights. 

  • Over 120 conversion optimized mobile and desktop blueprints
  • Over 300 UX and CRO guidelines
  • 6 marketing automation flows
  • How to guide
  • Audit workflow
  • And a bit more
  • Oh yeah, it is free too

It is all yours to keep and yours to use. We hope you enjoy it. 

As we call it version 1 we decided to add all the content to Miro (the online collaborative whiteboard platform to bring teams together, anytime, anywhere). We believe it will be easy to use for everybody and we want the Kit to be simple and accessible from every device … and from everywhere. Just so that you know – we are adding some more updates to the Kit, this week and the following as well.  

We hope that it is evident that your feedback will help us make the Kit better – for you. So after checking the Kit, please feel free to share with us your first impressions, ideas, suggestions, or cat gifs without any filtering. Just send it to

Where is the link?

If you signed up as an early bird you already have it and if not you need to wait a few days and you will get access early next week 🙂 Make sure you signup in order to get access next week.

What next?

The Kit will give you many hints and in short, this is just the very beginning. We are glad to have reached our first big milestone. The next steps will be covered in more depth on the upcoming articles and in short here is a shortlist of what’s cooking:

  • Updates to the Free Kit (Balloon)
  • Rolling out the superb design system
  • Premium Kits (Zeppelin, Galaxy & Enterprise)
  • A new website
  • And a lot more

If you enjoy the Kit, please acknowledge that we at Helumium are totally ok with you sharing it as much as you can 🙂 


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