[Limited time only] Helumium Design System is now available for freelancers, agencies and eCommerce professionals with an incredible price 🔥 The rest will go to charity! 😇

Helumium is glad to announce that all the screens from the Free eCommerce Conversion Kit Balloon are now available as a design system made in Figma

The design system is made mostly for fellow designers, agencies, and eCommerce professionals, who want to cut time spent on eCommerce UX design by half and boost profits on top of the fact that all the screens are conversion optimized and base on 300+ UX/CRO guidelines, battle-tested by worlds-leading brands and research companies.  It will speed up the custom design process a lot and enables to jump from UX to UI with the speed of light. And it will make all parties involved more return. The ROI is what we call, huge.

The key benefits of Helumium Design System 🤩

  1. You can increase your speed of UX production and profits. Noticeably, measurably.
  2. You can jump from UX to UI with the same system, and save a heap of time, again.
  3. The design system enhances teamwork and productivity, which influences the bottom line.
  4. You can increase your customer happiness because the designs will generate more sales.
  5. Your designs are backed up by 300+ UX guidelines, research, and tons of data. Fewer edits.
  6. You can customize, scale, and build the system based on your vision and needs.

What’s inside? 🎁

  • 120+ Mobile and desktop views (wireframes, blueprints, mockups)
  • 300+ UX guidelines to support your decisions
  • 24 Global and easily customizable nested symbols and styles
  • And a lot more … 

Working with the design system is a bliss 😊

  1. Working with components is easy, replace or move them around
  2. Edit master components to 
make them update globally
  3. Edit global styles to update 
them globally and super fast
  4. Customize the branding and make it look yours or your clients
  5. Create tappable or clickable prototypes faster than ever before
  6. Jump from UX to UI with the speed of light and skyrocket your profits

First pilots already designed and in development 🚀

Denim Dream is a leading fashion brand in the Baltics with a team of 400 fashionistas and 130 physical stores. Revenue exceeds 100 million euros. They use Helumium’s products and auditing services to fully redesign their eCom website and mobile app. Expect a case study soon.

Value Alert 🏆

How long does it take to assemble 300+ battle-tested UX Guidelines from the industry-leading brands and work with many many eCommerce customers? How long does it take to visualize all of this information to Figma screens? A lot, it can be measured in thousands of hours. What’s in dollars or euros?

You can get all of it just by investing a fraction of your billable hours’ worth of funds into this design system. 

We think the 300+ guidelines, years of practice, Figma design system with 120+ neatly organized wireframes, nested styles, symbols, and components – is well worth over 10 000 USD. Even more, more like over 100 000 USD. 

Price Alert 🤑

You can get it with ridiculously low investment, 59 USD (regular price is 299 USD). 1-lifetime license for 1 person, including 2 free updates. We are running this price and campaign for a 1 month period. The campaign ends on 8 of August 2020. 

Can you design 120 screens for 59 USD, if yes, you’re hired?! If not, we hope you buy the design system to boost your workflow – and make your clients, and their clients happier by providing a top-notch UX and incredible UI as a cherry on the cake.

Charity Alert ❤️

We decided to run a campaign and do some good, raise awareness, and help others. If you buy the design system, you can choose to either pay 59 USD or pay what you think the system is actually worth.

Whatever you pay on top of 59 USD will go 100% to charity. After the campaign ends, all buyers will get a report and verification of making the donation from Helumium, and from the charities who received the funds. 100% transparent. 

You will also get to vote, what charity to give the money to. We run the vote on the week the campaign ends, as simple as that. All charities listed in the voting will get their share, all are equally distributed. 

ROI Alert 💰

The ROI is huge. For designers, and for eCommerce businesses who are going for a custom design and experience. We’ve tested it and are preparing the first case studies. 

The designer – Imagine you save 80h on 1 design project. Imagine your hourly rate is 60 USD. That’s 4800 USD out in the open, for you to grab it. 

The client – Imagine you’re running a fabulous business and you improve your conversions just a tiny bit, let’s say 15%. You have 1000 orders a month, with an average order value of 50 USD. That’s 50 000 USD a month, sweet! Top it up with 15% and that’s 7500 USD more a month, 90 000 USD a year. 

What’s 59 USD compared to that?  

Get it now 

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