Store Finders Episode 1: Why People Need Store Locator Links – Does It Help?

A store locator (or store finder) is a website (or app) feature that allows customers to find physical outlets of a retailer with real-world locations that people may need to visit. Nowadays people use Google Maps, right? But there’s more beneath the surface.

While a lot of shopping does happen completely online, many shoppers begin the research process online but complete the purchase in person. Now that’s not a surprise especially if you have an online business combined with many many physical outlets.

Here’s something to consider that helps the UX and the bottom line. A simple store filter that enables people to shop by outlet(s) and see what items you have there. People could pick the closest outlet, or several and shop in those physical outlets online. And then visit the store and buy.

Consider combining it with Click-and-Collect and you could see some magic happening with the bottom line 🙂

If you want read more, check Nielsen Norman Group’s article and studies about the Store Finders which we really like.

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