Trust is the most important currency ecommerce stores have – do super visible contact details help to acquire more currency?

Did you know that an online store’s “Contact Us” page is often one of the most under-optimised locations on the entire site? And that can definitely affect the bottom line. 

As Shopify states, trust is the most important currency ecommerce stores have. New visitors are more likely to purchase when they trust your brand, and existing customers are more likely to recommend you and make repeat purchases when they trust you.

It can happen that people have questions that remain unanswered and stop them from buying. Well if that happens, you want to be there to help and collect the reward right?

We recently talked with a (European market leader in perfumery) representative and she stated that the importance and benefits of having a dedicated contact area on an ecommerce site remains a bit of a mystery. There are a lot of strategies and reasons to not have any details visible and quite the opposite too. Can you think of some? 

We did some research and would place our bets on having a very visible contact us area and dedicated pages. Yes pages, not just a page. At UXD we really admire Zappos’s culture and their approach on customer service. It’s just amazing and they are extremely successful in that area. How come? Might be worthwhile to check Zappos’s core values

Feedback is how you learn and improve 😉

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