Useful Search Suggestions Lead to Better UX and Thicker Bottom-Line (episode 3)

In case you missed the Episode 1 and Episode 2, be sure to check them.

Let’s think about search and repetitive purchases for a second. A lot of ecommerce stores have made the search pretty handy, they remember searches from the past (maybe even predict?). But can you do even more? We think yes. 

If a customer knows the products well and orders them from time to time, why not add a bit more super powers to the search experience. What if by typing in your favourite product name or on some extremes a product code – is all you need to do?

That could easily happen and once the user makes the search, you can quickly pull in the product information and help the user to become a customer – by enabling to change the quantity directly from the search autosuggest, see the stock level and quickly add the item to the cart. Add some more effort to make the checkout faster and miracles can happen 😉 

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