What happens if you combine an exit campaign with Brexit – what if gov.uk uses it?

As it turns out, this UXD gets us 1 step closer to our 50th birthday (50 UXDs produced). Yep, it seems we have produced no less and no more than 49 UXDs and have no plans on stopping. Quite the opposite 🙂 To celebrate that special occasion we thought it would be appropriate to have a bit more fun than usual.

So here’s one concept of an exit campaign combined with Brexit. For some reasons the two rhyme and it just makes sense 😀 

What the heck is an exit campaign? 

You probably know, but just to spell it out. It is the magical event when a website uses special software like Opinmonster etc. to track your behaviour and try to keep you from leaving the website or at least make you opt in to something even more magical. Basically, when you go anywhere near the top are of the website, an exit-intent campaign is likely to trigger.

They can be highly beneficial and we’d invite you to read how you can use them to increase the bottom line from Sleeknote’s blog post (9 Intelligent Ways to Use Exit-Intent Campaigns (The Right Way) or from Optinmonster’s blog.

Back to the subject 

We thought it would be hilarious if gov.uk would use an exit campaign to make people sign up for a series of Brexit news updates. We might be the only ones who think that way and mean no harm, but it kind of feels spot on? Please take it as a friendly joke.

“It seems you’re about the exit – well so are we” 😀 Better sign up as you exit and learn more about Brexit. 


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